RESIN CART has been active in the silicone coated and non-stick papers market for more than 20 years. These papers find a wide range of applications in the pressure-sensitive, label and adhesive tape sector, the graphics sector, and in many and different types of industrial processes.

Established in 1981 by Ennio Verderio as an individual concern, it has always been active in the pressure-sensitive strips sector. In February 1999 the company became a general partnership and afterwards, in January 2006, a limited liability company in order to adequately meet the needs generated by the steady development of its labour and the progressively rising number of its customers, which are becoming more and more international in scope.

Today Ennio Verderio’s sons, Claudia and Marco, work at RESIN CART, too, after having gained significant professional experience in other corporate environments.

Specialisation, breadth of product range, quality and widely recognised professional competence have led the company to grow continuously and strongly over the years, and has made the company a leader in the domestic and international markets of silicone coated and non-stick papers. This permits it to supply the world’s most prestigious and popular brands in the industry and graphics sectors today.